The Superhero Series

Our society looks up to superheroes for support and guidance during times of need.  Superhero's gives us strength and encourages us to be the best version of ourselves. But what about the times when the superhero struggles? Trevor’s Superhero Series shows the human side to being a superhero. Where life is not always perfect.

The Animal Collective Series

When we think of brave and strong animals we usually think of lions, tigers, or bears. We forget that the tiniest of animals can also show strength. Trevor brings out a role reversal to spin a new perspective on the fierce and discounted animals in his art. Trevor brings attention to discounted animals by giving them a superpower. Trevor's series reminds us to give animals and people the opportunity to achieve greatness. Opportunity gives us the chance to achieve greatness.

The Expressive Series

One of the key characteristics that connect humans to animals is an expression. Expressions are the window to the soul and will always tell the truth. As humans, our expressions share our mood. In the Expressive Series, Trevor takes that mood, enhances it with color, and ties it to an expression.

The Expressive Series reminds us that faces are masks. The mask is what the outside world sees. But the face’s expression gives a glimpse into what is behind the mask. Trevor’s artwork captures that glimpse.