Ebon Aves is an art-driven lifestyle clothing brand with a focus on using graphic t-shirts as a canvas. The brand name is pronounced eh-bon ay-veez and means black birds, as these clever species are a huge influence behind many of the designs, philosophies, and spiritual views of the company.

Ebon Aves is about being you among everyone else. Everyone on the planet is a part of a big collective just like each species of animals is with their kind, and only a certain few of those species have the ability to adapt and prosper well. Among all species are those who stand out from the others to help make changes to the system and adapt to new ways.  The idea of Black birds is like being the underdog, always overlooked and often misunderstood. Just like the underdog, rising to the challenge by bringing awareness about issues that matter to us, while giving people quality clothing that make them feel good about wearing!

The brand was brought to life by Trevor Phillips in 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia as the culmination of over 20 years of dreams, hard work, and harder lessons. He produces designs that are thought provoking conversation starters with a story behind them. Using his artistic insight, skills, and diverse range of influences, Trevor likes to create art that not only reflects his tastes, but also brings about awareness to issues that affect us all, whether at a community level or on a global scale. Every shirt is designed and hand screen printed by Trevor in limited quantities, making each shirt a wearable piece of art.

We wanted to have a symbol that represented Vancouver and to us it was the crows that flewto and from the city each day. The background behind the name Ebon Aves is about the ability of black birds to adapt and build tools from their existing environment to achieve their goals. 

Their spiritual significance in Native North American culture was also a big influence in choosing the name, as they are known to be creators, leaders, and sometimes even tricksters. The paths we take and what we learn in life become tools to help us find our successes. We can learn a lot by observing nature, each other, and the world around us if we all take the time to look.


The constant drive throughout life has been the passion to do what we love, and to stand out in a crowd.

We pride ourselves in giving back by donating a portion of our annual sales to animal charities such as the WSPA, Critter Care Wildlife Society, and VOKRA as well as other causes we feel we can align ourselves to.

All our clothes are sweatshop free and made in North America.