Bringing Awareness To The Underdog

What happens when the underdog, misfit, or just plain ordinary person confront giants? They succeed. When an underdog exploits their advantage, they become the stuff of legends.

The underdog works harder, is persistent, and will eventually emerge from the crowd. 

Ebon Aves Art is a reminder for people to re-look at their strengths and the strengths of their enviroment. 

There Is A Super Hero Inside All Of Us


A super hero is always out protecting others. They put society and people first before their own safety.

Super heroes always show an image of being strong and confident. They never show their kryptonite to the public.

This is why Super heroes have masks. To hide their true emotions. Behind each mask is an alias. It is the mask that makes the super hero strong. But it is the alias that connects the super hero to the world around them.  

This series brings out the strength and emotions of each super hero.



Giving the Misfit Super Powers


The Animal Collective Series brings attention to animals that are overlooked by giving them super powers. We are often looking for greatness or power but never give the opportunity for it to form.

Life on earth is incredibly diverse, but it's not always what you might expect. Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature's misfits. At first glance, these misfit creatures seem-ill equipped for survival yet somehow manage to cling to life and in some cases even thrive.

Animals share roles and have similar traits to humans. They can be fierce, docile, studious, builders, or geniuses. The fiercest animals could be docile at times while the smallest animals can have the fiercest moments.



Expressions Are Your Loudest Voice


Expressions have the opportunity to say more than words. Your words can say alot, but your expression can speak the truth. Your winks, smirks, smiles, cries, and grimaces can can explain what you are really feeling or thinking. They are the window to your emotions and thoughts.

Your facial expression is your own thought bubble. You don’t need to learn a new language to understand a person’s expression. Expressions are universal.

Facial expressions are the external interpretations of our thoughts and can take the place of words when we don't feel like talking.

The Expressive Series looks to define what facial expressions mean and say by giving it war paint to show its true strength.