Trevor is a Canadian Contemporary Pop Artist.

The paths we take and what we learn in life become tools to help us find our successes. We can learn a lot by observing nature, each other, and the world around us if we all take the time to look.
Canadian Contemporary Pop Artist

Canadian contemporary pop artist, Trevor Phillips puts a new spin on often overlooked and discounted subjects. He is known for his contemporary and graphic paintings that flirt with emotion and the roles of people, animals, and nature with bold colors.

Trevor's artwork attributes animal and human qualities, characteristics, and behaviors to nature. His work reminds us that people are like animals. We are all under the same biological umbrella- the tree of life.

Trevor’s artwork distinctively puts a contemporary twist on often overlooked subjects.

Trevor crafts comic and 80s pop culture-inspired artwork of animals, models, icons, and superheroes. He adds an emotional lens to subjects that are revered across media and brings awareness to overlooked expressions with color, scale, and photo montage.

Society highlights and promotes the strong, happy, and worry-free side of animals, pop icons, and heroes. But, what about the side we try to hide or ignore. The side where our heroes need help.

Trevor’s artwork captures the moments where heroes, animals, and pop-icons let down their mask. He shows their vulnerable side in his ‘Superhero Series’, ‘Animal Collective Series’, and ‘Expressive Series’.  In each of these series, Trevor uses art to highlight a hidden emotion that viewers can connect to.

Ebon Aves Is A Reminder That Animals, Humans, And Nature Are All Connected

Humans are a technological species. But as humans, we also have a deep connection to nature and animals. Trevor’s art shows how animals and people connect to nature, by using art to explain how both need nature to survive.

Nature is all around us and connects every species to each other.

As Humans, we are all connected by an invisible force we call oxygen. We all breathe the exact same air everyone has been breathing for centuries. Nature is our basic natural instinct, but we have become disconnected with nature. We are a species of animal in this world and should connect to everything around us. However, we now no longer rely on nature for survival but for our own purposes.

Nature is going back to the basics and being in a state of rebirth. Nature is death and birth. It is a cycle of life and is the cycle of expressions we show throughout our lives. It is the emotions that give us away even before we speak. The nature of expressions communicates our inner emotions and connects us to the environment.

Canadian Contemporary Pop Artist.

Trevor Phillip’s Background

Trevor grew up in the 80s with Saturday morning cartoons, anime, and comic books. Since he could remember,  he was always drawing superheroes and anthropomorphic characters like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Robotech. These early drawings are what inspired his the ‘Superhero Series’, ‘Animal Collective Series’, and ‘Expressive Series’.

Trevor’s artwork is a reflection of his youth and its neon eighties high-life.

Trevor is a self-taught artist who has picked up skills over the years by following his passion. However, it was not until an accident in 2013 that prompted Trevor to call himself an artist.

In 2013 Trevor was an innocent bystander who was caught in a collision when two cars collided in Vancouver B.C. The accident left Trevor in critical condition. When Trevor woke up out of a drug induced coma a few days later in a hospital he had no idea where he was. The accident reminded him that life was too short to now follow his passion of producing art. While he was recovering, Trevor could only think about creating as much art as he could until he couldn’t anymore.